Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Summer...

Dear Summertime,
We've been expecting your arrival for the last few weeks. The temperature kept rising and rising so we knew your appearance was only days away. This week, it's official and you are here.
Unlike years past I will not be able to spend time an abundance of time with you outside. Seems I have a few freckles that don't like your intensity too much. So while you are heating it up outdoors, I will be enjoying ice tea and air conditioning inside.

After your behavior at the garden, my kids are a little afraid of you. I mean really...must you always burn them? They are tucked away indoors for a day or two...and hopefully the next time they come out to play, you won't be so harsh.

I do have some high hopes for while you are here. I'll be looking for a new house, and selling this one hopefully! I'm also planning on doing a little leisure reading, eating a few snow cones and scoping out new homeschool curriculum for Savannah and maybe even a little for Tucker. I am planning to go to see my family in Georgia in July. I hear you'll also be there.

While you are with us I will be finding out whether I will be getting a niece or a nephew, and for my sis-in-law's sake if you could be gentle and mild during August, we would appreciate it...too bad you won't be around when he/she arrives in December.

I do appreciate the way you are helping with the garden and my flowers... and my yard looks better than ever. If you could message your good friend "Rain" and schedule some routine visits from him that would certainly increase our chances of having a fruitful harvest. It's been a couple of weeks since we saw Rain, so even if he's feeling scattered...he's welcome here.

Whenever you're around my kids are happier, there's no school and things look brighter. However, 3 months is plenty long enough to visit and I am hoping Autumn will want to come early this year...bringing with her cooler weather and a colorful atmosphere. Don't take it personally....there are many years you arrive early too.

We love you Summertime! Enjoy your stay!


Red Writing said...

And don't bring any of your PESKY friends like the grasshoppers, please.

Kathy said...

Cute post, Gina. Sniff....almost made me think Summer really does have a personality. (and let me know what you choose for curriculum....I always like to know the whats and whys of people's various choices!)

Kathy Carlton Willis said...

I like this--a LOT!