Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One hot June day a desperate mother of two released her children into the yard with a running water hose. 30 minutes later, mom hears oldest child at the door.

"Mom, brother just pulled his bathing suit down and peed in the yard"

The mother said, "That's ok"

Youngest comes running to the door and announces loudly and matter of factly "I peed in the grass over there".

Mom replies, "OK, but you can only pull your pants down in our yard, not anywhere else...not church, not the bank, not Wal-mart. No where else but our yard".

To which he seriously replied..."ok, only the donut shop".



Kathy said...

That is hilarious. Why the donut shop??? Is that a frequent place? : )

gina m said...

This is a perfect correlation to your story. You'll roll.

Gina Stinson said...

Kathy....yes, Bruce and Tucker go to the donut shop about once a week. I guess he thought I was listing all the places that he goes and that one came to his mind. :)

Gina M....that post was hysterical!!!

Deb said...

Actually, when my DS was being potty trained many years ago, we were at church and he kept pulling on his dad's pants leg trying to let him know that he had to go potty. Dad was talking to someone and not paying attention to DS and suddenly I hear laughter and someone yell my name. DS was peeing right in the grass at church with everyone watching!!! Thought I would die!!! Just affirmation to ALWAYS pay attention to those kids!!! :o)