Saturday, June 6, 2009

Like 1995?

This weekend we are in Houston, Texas. A quick trip to Cypress Creek Baptist Church where Bruce will be preaching tomorrow for our dear friend "Grandpa Bill". There aren't too many men in the world that I would allow my kids to call "grandpa" since that title always seemed like it was ripped from my dad (he passed away when I was 18) so, when I had kids and they met Bill it just seemed right that they call him that. He's got that personality of a grandpa. Silly, a little goofy, kind, thoughtful, generous. He's done quite a few really special things for me through the years. He was the one who introduced me to The Message...long before others were using it and inscribe something very beautiful on the inside cover. He also gifted Savannah with her first calculator at the age of 2. I guess he has high hopes that she will become a CPA...much like himself before he entered the ministry. So, when we had the chance to come help out this weekend...we took it...after all...he and Joyce are like family.

Anyway, we are snuggled in at the hotel...but not without a few really funny incidents to share from our trip.

1. As we passed through Huntsville today we wanted Savannah to see the Sam Houston statue that towers the trees on Interstate 45. She was thoroughly impressed. We told her a little about Sam Houston and I concluded that he had lived a LONG time ago....her response "Like 1995?"....yeah...something like that!

2. Tucker is potty trained...mostly...but he doesn't really care for big boy underwear which is causing some problems. Also, when he needs to go to the bathroom, he completely undresses himself. I'm wondering how the nursery workers will handle this tomorrow. When I talked to him a little bit about this tonight...explaining that he might not want to take all his clothes off in front of strangers his response "I not's ok."

Happily living in the moment! Hope you are too.


Elizabeth said...

Like 1995!!!! She's making me feel VERY OLD! :)

Married with Children..... said...

Both of my boys did the complete undressing when they first started out!!!! I think it is just boy thing!?!?! Not sure! Hope yall make it home safely!