Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I need to get quite a bot done in the next two days to be able to enjoy my weekend. I've gotten into the habit of doing laundry only once a week and tomorrow's the day. I also need to do a big run to the grocery store. I am wondering where the $105.00 worth of food I bought on Saturday has gone?!? Here's my list of to do's. I'd love to know your secrets for getting things done. Do you get up early, stay up late, have a housekeeper (I do), make your kids do chores (I do), make meals ahead of time? Give me your tips (comment below). I'd love to hear you tips, short cuts and easy recipes! I don't need to be super-woman but I'd like to be a better home-manager! Looking forward to hearing from you!

1. School with Savannah
2. Work KCWC
3. Make lunch
4. Make forms for tutoring program
5. Make dinner
6. Praise Team Practice
7. Savannah ready for TeamKID
8. Laundry
9. Groceries
10. Get Savannah's dress for Daddy-Daughter dance
11. Weed flower beds and prep for spring planting
12...I'm stopping now...I am breaking out in a sweat just typing this....gotta go get started!

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Married with Children..... said...

I totally get what you're saying. My household list has been on HOLD for about 3 weeks now. But I am going to spend my weekend getting the house back together (garage, utility room, all these extra clothes, snowman taken down, etc...)
Now, I have no solutions but one suggestion on making groceries last a bit longer. My kids are allowed only TWO snacks a day....they can choose when and what (as long as it is not before feeding time). This has really helped us with making foods last:)

Let me know if you get some good suggestions.