Friday, February 20, 2009

HSM3 Movie Night at Casa Stinson

Tonight was family movie night at our house. Everyone snuggled in on the couch, comfy chair or in our case...the kid's bean bags. The movie of choice (not mine) was High School Musical 3 (3 guesses who picked this one?) Well, there's enough music to keep this movie mildly entertaining...especially when the kids decided to add their own dance moves. But the funniest part was at the end...when I heard sniffles from the comfy chair where Bruce was sitting...and I said...."Dad, are you crying"....and he said "This movie is so sad...they are all growing up". Boy, will he never live this one down....I was rolling - laughing so hard!!!!

On a mildly serious note. I've been thinking of all the things you can learn from that movie. Here are a few:

1. What comes around goes around (Sharpay)
2. You have to follow your true calling no matter what others think (Troy)
3. It's always nice to have a friend in your corner..but sometimes even the best of friends move away (Gabriella).
4. Do your pays in the end (Ryan and Kelsy)
5. Always be prepared (understudies)

A fun night here at the Stinson house! Hope you had a good day too!

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Kathy said...

What a precious post Gina. I especially liked your cool comments at the end. Blessings-Kathy