Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing Grace- The Movie

Last night I watched the Amazing Grace movie for the first time. What an amazing story of Will Wilberforce and his calling to help abolish slavery in Great Britain. I was motivated by his level of committment and also with his own internal conflict of knowing his true calling. John Newton's overwhelming guilt, regret and sorrow over the horrible treatment of slaves on his ships, on his watch, was not only heartbreaking, but in a sort of an uncomfortable see how far God can bring a man. If you've seen the movie, you might remember the statement John Newton makes when asked what he knows...he says, "There are only two things I know for sure in life. One, I am a great sinner. Two, He is the Great Savior." I love that statement. Isn't that what we all are. It really didn't matter that John Newton had witnessed or been party to, or even participated in the beating and killing or countless slaves, his need is the same as anyone's. He needed a Savior. It was when he found that Savior that he penned the words to Amazing Grace.

I also loved the way the movie writers paid tribute to others who Will Wilberforce. The woman, the former slave and others that shared a meal around a table and helped influence his decision to make this a life-endeavor. It shows that it really has never been about one man...except one time...on a cross. Most of the time it takes many people to make things happen. I love that teamwork concept.

Certianly, I was motivated to stay the course as I watched this movie.

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Kathy Carlton Willis said...

We were just talking about that movie together! How cool that you found it to watch last night. Great post!