Saturday, June 28, 2008


In light of our upcoming study in Proverbs (about poverty, wealth and money in general) I have to share what happened today on my rare shopping trip (alone). Some backgroud: I used to love to shop. I would go with anyone...anywhere...anytime...for however long they wanted. Then I had kids...and now...even a trip to Target is almost more than I can handle if they are with me. Don't get me wrong...I love my kids....but by the time you load 'em up (and their gear), unload them at Target, load them into the buggy, strap them in (make sure you do this...I learned the hard way...Tucker), do your shopping...all the while coming up with 10 jillion excuses why you aren't buying another container of playdough (or whatever)...get to the checkout...(unloading and loading again...this time it's your purchases), go to the car...unload kids and purchases (AGAIN) leaves me wondering.....IS IT WORTH IT!!!????!!! online seems sweeter everyday!
But.....we are preparing to go out of town for a wedding next week and there were just a few things I needed to pick up and Bruce was willing to watch the maniacs...I mean kids...and so I took advantage of a few hours and headed to Frisco. So, I have been looking over the scriptures for Bible Study, preparing for the study and I have a new perspective on spending that really doesn't allow for a lot of needless spending....mind you....a new perspective does not mean I have mastered or even had the opportunity to implement it yet!
I jetted in to a few stores searching for something appropriate for Tucker to wear to a wedding (this is more difficult than you would think). Anyway, I ended up finding a spectacular sale at Old Navy and was able to get just the thing for him there...along with shoes...for less than $20.
I needed ballerina shoes for Savannah and picked up a pair and the good old Payless Shoes...
I picked up Bruce's suit (he's performing the ceremony) at Men's Wearhouse ...freshly pressed.
I was feeling pretty good about the progress I had made on my list....I just had myself left...this should be easy...yeah right! But I said a short prayer and asked God to give me some great bargains so that I could implement what I have been learning. And guess what....He did! I actually got 2 complete outfits and jewelry to match for the cost of what I had budgeted for 2 outfits. You might say....coincedence.....I think not. You see, I fully believe that when we ask God to help us obey that He sees our hearts and helps us...after all if your kids asked you to help them stay within their budget when shopping would!
I challege all GBF ladies in Bible study to ask God for wisdom in dealing with their finances and track your results! God will do His part!

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