Saturday, June 21, 2008


Misplaced keys, mismatched shoes, single socks and puzzle pieces are items that we are in search of quite a bit at our house. I don't want to even think about the time I have wasted in my life looking, searching in frustration, for these things! Why on earth don't we just learn were to place these things....where they belong???? Am I the only one with this problem?
As I was thinking about a verse in Proverbs this week, this thought came to my mind: If I searched for wisdom in the same way I search for missing keys or a shoe....with that same urgency, expectancy and perseverance....what would God reveal to me? Solomon says that in regards to wisdom, we should search for it with all our heart (remember the definition of heart in Proverbs is "core"). WOW! it just seems like I don't really want wisdom as much as I thought sometimes. Do I search with urgency? Do I search for it expecting to find something? Do I persevere? Take some time today to ask yourself the same questions. Ask God to give you the desire to take part in the search. List ways you can search for Him.

On another note....
I had an opportunity to catch up with a friend from high school today. Growing up she was probably the happiest person I knew! (that's saying a lot....we were teenagers....not normally very happy people!) We found each other on Facebook...It was awesome to reconnect after 16 years! WOW! She still possesses a great outlook on life. She has battled cancer and helps take care of her parents and a multitude of other amazing things. I feel inspired just talking with her. What a blessing!

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