Friday, June 13, 2008

Single's Night Out...tons of fun

We just returned home from our first ever Single's Night Out with the fantastic singles at our church. There were 7 adults who risked their lives at cosmic bowling and Manny's Mexican food! We had a great time. I admire these people. They truly are some of the hardest working, dedicated and responsible people I know. I looked around and saw 7 individuals who are moms, dads, professionals, church workers, friends, and leaders. It made me proud to share time with them. They aren't deadbeats, lazy or taking advantage of the system. They have responsibilities and they follow through. I was encouraged by them! I hope that I get to spend much more time with them in the future. I'm reminded that God has a different path for each of's not better or worse because you are married or divorced or single or's just different. God's plan for each of us is perfect and although we might not have picked the path we are on, He is in control and He knows what is best for us.

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Anonymous said...


Your kind words are much appreciated....being one of the "risk takers" at cosmic bowling was well worth the it...the entire evening was fun and filled with a comfort of sharing an evening with like-minded people all rowing in the same boat, in the same direction....God is good all the time.

Looking forward to more fun...

Loving you pal,