Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy as Bees

YIKES! A few days ago we noticed a little buzzing activity going on outside my office area window. I didn't think too much about it...I have flowers planted and there is a flowering shrub at the end of the house. Well, the buzzing became louder and louder and soon enough we realized we had a real problem. After some investigation....(not me ...remember I am studying how to be wise and a wise person doesn't mess with buzzing bees) Bruce and some handy men friends of ours managed to take care of the problem. The bees had managed to actually get into our wall through a very tiny hole. The guys duct taped the hole after fogging them out. That should take care of the hole until we get it correctly fixed.
The start of this whole fiasco was that Bruce was trimming the bushes in the front of the house and realized that the problem was much bigger than we thought. In my reflection time I have thought about the way foolishness creeps into my life. It never shows up screaming "I'm something stupid". It comes one bee at a time, through a tiny hole and soon you have a whole swarm of them. Wisdom knows to keep the shrubs trimmed and tidy so that bees don't feel comfortable in making a nest...and wisdom would make sure that holes are sealed properly....because....wisdom pays alert...focused. This got me to thinking about being more alert in my own spiritual life and making sure the holes are sealed properly, that I am staying alert and that I am aware of the foolishness around me....but not participating in it!
Looks like we are going to recover from our bee incident....and in the process will learn some valuable lessons about bees. We have remained sting least til now.
Focus today on areas were you haven't kept your guard up...maybe it's a little white lie, a little gossip, a little slander, a little laziness. Take control before things get out of hand!

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Mandy Turner said...

Gina....I am really loving your blog spot! I can so relate to each situation that you journal about. I hope you don't mind, but I am making it a habit to read this everyday. I just really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing it with me.... It has even got me interested in just doing one on the funny stories from my own kids.

BUZZZZ! See you Tuesday Eve,
Love ya, Mandy