Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money Matters

Next week in Bible Study we will be talking about the rich and the poor. We will be going into great discussions on what makes a person rich or poor. Today, take some time listing what you think makes a person rich/poor. The words are direct opposites. Make sure that you identify the best of each and the worst of each.

This Bible study is such a blessing to me. As I prepare each week, God is showing me such wonderful things. These aha! moments are exciting to me. It's such a humbling experience to know and understand that he wants me to know and understand Him and His Word. Will I ever reach the point that I understand Him fully? No, but my eye is on the goal and one day we will know Him for all He is.

Family News: I am rejoicing tonight because a long time prayer request has been answered in regards to a family member. Ask me about it! I will be glad to tell you about it privately!
Mission Gunter continues week 2 of SAM club tomorrow!

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