Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I've Loved About Christmas Break

I think more than any other time before I have enjoyed this Christmas Break...and being a creature of routine this has surprised me just a bit.

I've loved...

1. Spending time with my family (of course)

2. Sleeping in (of course...although that has a different meaning since I have Early Bird Tucker)

3. Mapping out some plans for remodeling out dated bathroom and picking out colors for painting our den.

4. Playing games with my kids...they are finally old enough not to get bent out of shape when they lose...makes gaming much more fun!

5. Cooking/Baking more

6. Cleaning the house from top to bottom and getting rid of stuff we don't need.

7. New Years Eve text party with girlfriends....our hubbies just thought they could keep us apart! LOL!

8. Watching Christmas movies

9. Celebrating Christ's birth with church family, my class, my family, our community.

10. And ....SNOW!...on Christmas Day!

It's been wonderful....and I really don't know how I can get back in the routine of school in 5 more days....oh well....I'll figure that out when it gets here!

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