Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Leadership - TKD Style

For Christmas, all this girl could eat, sleep and breathe was to be in Leadership at our local Taekwondo studio. She's been taking classes since last spring and has passed all her belt tests with flying colors...so, for Christmas she was rewarded with the privilege of being in leadership. What does this entail?

1. She will attend an extra class to develop her leadership skills each week. This is in addition to her 2 classes that she attends for her physical skills/forms/sparring.

2. She will volunteer in classes each week that are lower ranked that her current belt color. Currently she is a green belt, so that allows her to help with Tiny Tigers, white belts, yellow and orange belts. She will get credit for each class she assists.

3. She gets this fancy red, white and blue uniform, a new weapon of choice and plenty of time on the mat to develop into an even more disciplined athlete.

It's exciting to watch her confidence develop as she takes on another challenge. Little does she remember, but when she was five years old we tried enrolling her in Taekwondo in Gunter. She screamed and cried and acted bashful and shy and we ended up dropping out because she refused to participate. What we know now is that Savannah does things at her own pace! She just needed a few years.

Word of caution to anyone who tries to mess with her: She's strong as an ox and fiercely serious about her sport. I wouldn't recommend trying to get the best of her!

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