Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy TN BBQ Recipe

A few (5) years back a generous couple in our church gifted us with a time share in Gatlinburg, TN for a week. Since TN is my birth state and I had been dying to get Bruce to spend some time there and convince him that there was a state as beautiful as Colorado, I was ecstatic! We decided to take two weeks off and got away to Chattanooga for one week and Gatlinburg the other. We booked for the first part of November and the leaves were at their prime, the temperature was perfect and Dollywood was already decked out for Christmas....what more could we ask for? Wanna see more? Look HERE

Good Food.

Yep. We made a pact before we left that we would eat at unique restaurants as much as we could. We hit up a place where we were introduced to the Chattagooey....a finger lickin' good sandwich with smoked pimento cheese....yummo! But, our favorite sandwich was this sweet TN BBQ sandwich we ate at a little whole in the wall place in Gatlinburg. Of course, it's a secret recipe, but here's my close as I can get it to the real thing. And it's easy and delish!


1 Pork Roast (boneless or not)
salt and pepper
1 cup brown sugar
2 onions chopped
Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce (Brown Sugar)

Place roast in slow cooker and add other ingredients except sauce. Cook on medium for 8 hours. Drain excess juice off meat and pull apart. Then return to slow cooker. Add 1 bottle of BBQ sauce. Cook for 1 more hour.


Green Bell Pepper- sliced
Onions- sliced
olive oil
Texas Toast

In a skillet, saute' peppers and onions in olive oil til very soft.

Bake bread according to package.

On one piece of bread, pile pork and top with onion and peppers. Top that with another piece of Texas toast.

I'll love it!

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