Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today during class my phone double beeped telling me I had a text message. I glanced down to see it was from one the parents of a student from last year....when I taught pre-kindergarten. I waited til the kids left and checked the text when I got back to my room. Much to my surprise it was a video message! Even better.

With Avery's face filling the screen, it went something like this:

"Mrs. Gina, I miss you, I'm in kindergarten, I miss you. My sister is one now and my brother is two. I miss you. I wanted to call and tell you. Bye."

It made my day.

Isn't it nice to be have made an impression on someone's heart that they actually miss you..actually wish there was a way to see spend time with enjoy you? Little Avery knows just a little of what it's like to miss someone. For some reason, today, she misses me. But as we grow older, suffer more losses, we understand more and more what it's like to really miss people.

The same should be true of our Savior. There should be a yearning to be with Him, to enjoy His presence, to spend time with Him, to thank Him for the impression He's made in your life. But, how often do I fill my day so full that at the end, I'm left missing Him? Wondering where He is? Feeling like I have to tell Him how old my brother and sister are because it's been so long since I last communicated with Him.

Thankfully He hasn't moved, He's there...all along. Waiting patiently...missing us as we stay busy and preoccupied with the kindergartens of life. He's still there...and we say to Him "I've missed you Jesus, my days are nothing without you, I miss you, I wanted to tell you, I miss you." And like the prodigal child, arms open wide....He welcomes us.

Thank you Jesus. 

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