Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pralines Anyone?

Born and raised in the deep south has its advantages. There's nothing quite like GA Fried Chicken, TN BBQ, South GA boiled peanuts, a greasy hamburger from the varsity, a mouthwatering fresh picked GA peach...and I could go on forever. I'm pretty partial to foods from the south. And maybe that's why when it came to choosing a paint color for our living room I was drawn to the warmth of the color praline cake. Think about it. The rich, sugary goodness of a praline. 

Picking paint colors was somewhat of a daunting task for me. The room is huge, filled with good natural light, has a gas fireplace. I've worked to get the right furniture arrangement using what we have for now and think I just about have it the best way possible. We use the room for all our family TV viewing, gaming, homework,'s our comfy room...rarely ever spotlessly clean. I have an old farmhouse table there that's used for everything from laundry folding to homework to extra guest seating when company is over. 

So, I thought I wanted a pretty robin egg blue on the walls...something like

But...after living with a sample on the walls for a month I decided it was too blue. So, I looked at this color...

Nope....just didn't do it for me.

Then I read this article from The Nester. CLICK HERE to read it before you decide on paint....really, go's very informative. And if you have the time...(and I'd suggest that you might want to have the time) follow the links within the article...because it's somewhere in there that I found the answer to my problem. Somewhere within those links I found out I like the warmth of a room to surround me. In other words...I found out what I've known all along....I don't like the beach ( haters please!)...I prefer the mountains...with an occasion lake (thus the attraction to the greenish blue color). I like the fireplace, a good book, flavored cream with a little coffee, Fall and Winter, sunset shadows and earthy warm colors. And why I couldn't settle on a blue???'s because I like warm colors. And while I'm sure there is a blue out there somewhere that would satisfy my cravings for pralines, barn reds, golden yellows and evergreen....I haven't found it! 

Instead, I found this...

Valspar- Praline Cake

...and we love it!

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