Monday, January 7, 2013

Complete Cupcake Foolishness

Today was Bruce's 42 birthday. I had decided that regardless of whether or not he asked for a particular  type of cake flavor I was making cake. He deserves to celebrate. Right? He deserved a special treat. Right? He and the kids love cupcakes. Right? Mom wanted to use her fancy smancy cupcake cups. Right? Oh wait.

It's true. Right after Christmas I hit the motherload of cupcakery clearance sales at T J Maxx. Savannah and I had gone to Rockwall in search of a new dresser for Tucker. We ended up browsing through the shelves at the Maxx and I spotted these:

Because I'm going to go into the cupcake business....Right?

 Why is Valerie Bertinelli designing cupcake liners while on Jenny Craig?

Because big taste comes in mini cupcakes ...
like what I'm making for our ladies Taste of Home Night on Thursday!

 And I couldn't pass up the cuteness of these...butterfly, boots, floral and watering can toothpicks! 

All this goodness marked down to $2 and $3 a package...
and that's what caused me to go into complete cupcake foolishness.

So...I asked Bruce chocolate or vanilla? He said chocolate and here's what he got

Happy Birthday Bruce! 

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~Jaime~ said...

It's official...I have cupcake making!!!