Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Things Change

The world ends tomorrow...

Ok...well, not really....

But the Christmas Break world ends tomorrow. That's truth.

I'm trying not to mourn away my last day of alarm
...leisure mornings
...late night movies
...Duck Dynasty marathons
...a clean house
...empty laundry baskets

I've been wishing there was a way to keep all those things and get back in the groove and while some of those things just don't make the cut, I am striving to do a little better with others...

...the clean house - we've made a family pact to help keep the house cleaner. Picking up as we use things and a 15 minute tidy-up right before bed will help us. I'm also planning on setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier to make sure dinner preparations are made and laundry is started before I leave the house for school.

...blogging - It is good for my soul. It helps me set goals and most of all it allows me to journal how God is always working on me, in me and thru me. This also allows my own children to one day hear the stories about God's faithfulness, my foolishness, God's grace and my own walk as a woman, wife and mom. Perhaps my imperfections will help them make better choices one day. And maybe somewhere along the way, they will see the greatness of God in all of this.

...staying focused on my goal to be more devoted to the priorities that God has placed in my life for this season could quite possibly change the way I live, blog, cook, parent, play. Isn't that how it should be when God does a work in your life? It should change you. And that's a change I'm happy with.

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