Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Super Summer Wrap-Up

24 hours ago I thought it would be a good idea to blog a short list of what we did this summer. But I waited: Then I saw that my friend Jaime beat me to it. But instead of just forgetting about it, I've decided that I can blog about it too. So, hang on my friends because our summer was eventful!

1. Kids to GA
2. Bruce and Gina to Peru
3. Complete overhaul of house
4. VBS
5. Splash Kingdom
6. Snowcones
7. 18th Anniversary
8. 39th Birthday
9. Savannah's 9th Birthday
10. GNO
11. Movie date with Tucker
12. Tucker's first sleepover
13. Drought
14. Great Wolf Lodge
15. Grapevine Mills Mall
16. Airplane Rides
17. Dairy Queen
18. Howling Tornado
19. Junior Camp
20. Savannah and the Zip line
21. Rain Forest Cafe

It's been fun. But I'm ready for routine. For something more orderly. Here it starts Tuesday!

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