Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Preschool Room 2011

I've spent the better part of the month of August knee deep in preschool. Here's how it's paid off:

Focus Board for September 

Circle Time 

Theme for the year "Oh Happy Day!" 

Left open for good work to be displayed 

Cutesy wreath from one of my students! 

 The Classroom

A little gift from me to my students at open house. 

Reading nook. It now has chairs and a rug in front of it.

It's gonna be a fun year!


Jamie said...

<3 your room as I have already stated, but did you become unmarried "Ms. Gina"?

Gina said...

Pretty sure the kids are NEVER going to call me MRS. Gina so I went with the other alternative...which surprisingly is grammatically correct as well....I looked it up before I did it just to be sure the teacher didn't get an "F" on her first assignment!!! :) I am still happily married!!!

Jaime said...

What a "pintresting" room...