Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Time Flies

As I type this I am reminded that time flies....faster than I ever imagined....Savannah turns nine years old in just a matter of minutes and that bittersweet reflection of her birth floods my soul again, as it does every year.

Wasn't it just yesterday when I strolled through Walmart hiding a pregnancy test under other items just in case I ran into someone I knew, hoping to avoid that glaring question..."Are you pregnant?"

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was daily struggling with morning sickness? Having christened just about every store in Beaumont, Texas? And the Alabama State Line, Hoover Dam and get the picture.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we found out you were a girl and all that shopping, and pink, and frills began?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we decided your name would be Savannah....from my GA roots and Malynne because it means "girl from God" and that's how we felt about you....a special surprise gift from God.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I started feeling bad? Really something wasn't right?

Wasn't it just yesterday that the Drs. looked uncertain and that friends surrounded us with worry lines and tears and prayers?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we welcomed you with fear, joy, hope, anxiety? Your 2 pound 6 oz frame so tiny and weak and frail and 3 months underdeveloped?

Wasn't it just yesterday that the ups and downs and sorrows and joys of 91 days in the NICU were over and Dr. Thompson hugged you and nurses cried over you with happiness and Dad and I took you home?

And wasn't it just yesterday that you stopped setting off the apnea monitor and you gained some weight and you took your first step and you spoke your first words and you learned to run and play and jump?

My, time flies.

I'm so proud of the young lady you are becoming. Your tender heart and sweetness makes me excited to see where God takes you.

Happy Birthday Savannah....may God's hand shelter you all the days of your life and may you be obedient to all He has in store for you!

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