Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Signs You're Loved

Over the past few weeks I've had several reminders of how much I'm loved. Sometimes you just need to be reminded. I've needed it and although the expressions of love might be comical to you...I think you'll agree that we all have that need to be affirmed. Here goes:

1. I had a birthday. Between the 100 people of facebook, my family and a couple of special friends, this day was celebrated rather than dreaded. It's nice to be remembered.

2. The youth girls from church forked our yard. I so wish I had a picture of it! Some people might have been ticked off by this expression, but for me it was more a feeling of acceptance. I'm glad they felt like they could prank us...but this is NOT an invitation to do it again:)

3. Last weekend....another group (hmmm....wonder who it could be????) TP'd our yard....while this expression was not as welcomed as the first, I still know that the naughty girls  people who did this feel a sense of security and fun around us (at least they did....the security issue should be in question your back people:))

4. I've been missed. You know when you have a friend you haven't seen or when you just haven't had the chance to get together with a girlfriend for a while? That friendship is's not gone...just missed. Late night Whataburger runs, phone conversations and facebook messages let me know just because there isn't time to talk everyday...or sometimes every week, I'm missed. (FYI- I miss them too)

5. Savannah made me a picture that says "World's Greatest Mom"....I figure the feeling I got when she handed me that was a fraction of the emotion I might feel if Christ says "Well Done". I can hardly fathom that thought!

It's the little things. No one spent a lot of money or time or even energy (Ok, maybe 2 and 3 did). But it's that attitude or action of making someone else feel like they are important to your life. It's acknowledging special times, embracing for no reason,  saying words that might usually be reserved for special occasions, remembering things that make someone else happy....perhaps an autumn candle or something that they've mentioned once or twice in front of you. It's taking care of their kids...asking about them, praying for them. All these things let another person know they are important in the scheme of your life.

So, thanks friends. You've filled a special place in my life!


Jaime said...

Or a frog left on one's desk b/c you know their your FAVORITE....

F. Deaton said...

Great post! Great reminders! I can't believe *someone* had the audacity to put a frog on your least some people just email you pics of actual frogs...oh the nerve! LOL!!!