Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Festival Fotos

About a week ago my kids decided they wanted to enter the art contest at the Hopkins County Fall Festival. So after looking at the categories, they decided to create mosaics using tiny pieces of construction paper. Savannah chose to do a sunrise and Tucker wanted to create a snowman. They both did a fabulous job (however I do believe there was way more glue on my kitchen table than on their paper!)

Tucker won Grand Champion in the under 10 paper craft division.
(He couldn't care less...he just thought it was cool to get a ribbon!)

Either way, I'm super proud of both of them. It's great for them to experience something on the creative side and whether it's grand champion or red ribbon it teaches them to try new things! They are already talking about what they can do for next year!...and Bruce is trying to get possession of the artwork for his office. 

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