Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's In Your Wallet?

I've been thinking of some ways our family can cut back in 09 recently. We are probably like most Americans our age. We have a little saved, college funds for the kids, a little in retirement and make ends meet each month, but with the recession word being tossed around like a pillow at a pillow fight, I'm thinking change is coming!!!..and I don't mean our President elect!

I was thinking of ways I could be more frugal and came up with a few:

1. Meal planning and coupon cutting
2. Planting my own veggies
3. Plan trips to town to be more strategic
4. Make dinner at home on Sundays instead of our traditional "eat out" meal
5. Use the Fireplace more this winter instead of running the heat so much
6. Request items on Freecycle that I want instead of going and buying them new
7. Second hand shop for the kids and keep a good eye out for sale items
8. Turn lights out when not in the room
9. Scale down on TV channels...do we really need 300 channels..most of which we don't watch!
10. Tithe....God takes care of those who obey Him.

Lest you think I am worried that we won't make it during this recession...FEAR NOT! I've been thinking about a simpler lifestyle for a long time. This will just make it easier.

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