Saturday, December 13, 2008

Most Memorable Christmas Gifts I've Received

1. Holly Hobby dollhouse
2. Little House on the Prairie Collction of books
3. Anne of Green Gables Collection
4. Kitchen Aid Mixer
5. Tickets to Josh Groban
6. $100 pinned to the Christmas tree when I was 19 and in college and dirt poor!

It's funny to me that the price of these items ranges from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars. I guess things just mean different things to different people. God's always been more than generous to me and has blessed me with many things that aren't on my "need" list. He gives me my wants much of the time. I'm reminded of that as I look at this blessing list of nothing terribly 'need" worthy!

He blesses us beyond anything we could ever imagine.

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Kathy said...

Mine would be....the pink high chair for my doll, my bike (all 4 of us received one that glorious, snow-less..rare.. Montana Christmas), a set of 10 interchangable rings, light brite set, and any doll I received! Favorite Christmas 4 kids doing the Nativity Scene for my parents. I always got to be Mary because I had the biggest doll. : ) Thanks for inspiring the memories Gina.