Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Known Facts

I've noticed a few of my blogger friends do some creative "getting to know you" posting periodically. Here's my attempt at giving you a sneak peak into a few little known facts about me:

1. I have recently become a night owl.
2. My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs
3. I love Pizza Hut deep dish pizza
4. I have a pet peeve about tardiness
5. I have jammy days with my kids at least once every 2 weeks
6. I would have loved to have lived during the early 1900's
7. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
8. My favorite character quality is loyalty
9. I love rainy days
10. When I was a child I loved watching TGIF on Friday nights.

There will be more to come....I'd love to hear a few little known facts about them below or leave your own blog link!


Keelie Sue said...

#1, #2, #9, #10, for me, to!
More of mine at:

Joy @ Five J's said...

I'm already a night owl. I could live on Pizza Hut pizza. I put tardiness on my blog post about my pet peeves. And I spend MOST days wearing my jammies until 3 or so. :)

And didn't you say something recently about coming to dinner, even if your house is a mess? We can arrange that, you know (the dinner part, not the house being a mess.)