Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Handmade Gifts

I'd like to hear your opinion on this:
Do you enjoy receiving handmade gifts at the holidays? Something as simple as a tin of muffins from a girlfriend, or something handmade like pillowcases from an aunt...I'm just wondering if they have the same value they have had in past generations and I'm also wondering if there will be a resurgence since the economy is declining and more people will be affected financially.
I personally love handmade gifts. I love the idea of someone thinking of me as they made muffins or pillowcases. I love a good story to go with a good handmade gift. I love the idea of the time invested in a handmade gift. I love the idea of someone's hands working to make me happy.
Just wondering how you feel about it..let me know!


Married with Children..... said...

I do love homemade gifts! I do admit, there have been times that I couldn't fill the tree with many more homemade ornaments and it used to bother me to have a tree with no theme or style. But this year, it was totally different. I love my tree that is totally THEMELESS...or shoudl I say Family Themed?? As the kids pull out there ornaments, we both recall when and how they made them and how special they are to us. The excitement on their face is priceless and it brings me joy to know how blessed we are! Now, I say ornaments, but I mean most anything that doesn't take up alot a space:)

Kathy said...

I can remember one Christmas as a teen when my older brother sent half a dozen kinds of specialty cookies, candies and fudge he'd made. I was aware that that year he was struggling financially, but more than anything I was impressed as his younger sister! He is in heaven now having the time of his life : ), and even so, for this side of eternity I was able to imagine the fun he had and the expert at baking I learned he had become!Yes, I love homemade gifts....however,some fail to see the value. I pray our hearts can return, and see them for what they are...wonderful acts of love. Blessings