Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Three R's

Barely noticeable are the new small words under my blog title. I've been thinking for some time about what I am really striving to accomplish by keeping these journals (now Blog). Running seemed to define what I do most days from before sun up to long after dusk. Reaching seemed to identify my dependence and walk with God and Rest is that quality of life that I hope to embrace each day as I Run and Reach. Does this make sense? Hopefully.

Motherhood at this stage is pretty exhausting! It really doesn't matter if the kids are sick or well or if a day of homeschooling is studious or a waste or if the church is running 20 or 200. It takes a super-hero amount of energy to get through any day. I admit this is a journey that I embrace and sometimes am exasperated by! It's hard work!

I'm hoping by finally identifying what I am about will help me put things into perspective better and will keep me focused on the goals God sets before me. I know this: I have the special privilege of guiding two precious children to adulthood. I know I am not alone. I have a God who will guide them, a father who adores them, Grandparents who will pray and support us and a host of loving and supportive friends and family that will be there to cheer them on their walk. SO...I need to get it together...Do my best...jumpstart each day in HIS Word...Keep focused and realize that learning doesn't always happen at a desk in school. The most important lessons are caught in the moments of each day, at dinner with the family, baking cookies in the kitchen, riding in the car, saying prayers at night and loving each other...after all the greatest of these...the greatest...the absolute greatest thing I can teach and LOVE.

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