Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why We All Need a Fresh Start

Everyone needs a fresh start...

The prodigal child, the distant spouse, the bored housewife, the drug addict, the overeater, the proud, the angry, the disrespectful. 

Let's be real. There's been a time in all our lives when we needed a do-over. And January is a good place to get one. Everyone is busy doing their own self-examination and our shortcomings are being analyzed and new more attainable goals are being written down. It's like a fresh page in a book, or a newly painted wall...clean...spacious...unspotted...perfect. 

And we have the momentum to be anything, do anything, achieve anything....because we have a fresh start...and that feeling of rock-stardom, "I believe I can fly", mentality sends adrenaline pumping through our veins like coffee on a cold winter's day. We are unstoppable. 

For about 5 minutes. That's when it of the kids spills his cereal, husband can't find his keys, you're sure you had your phone in the bedroom, the dog ate the backyard furniture (true story), the garbage disposal smells like rotten eggs (another true story). And any hope of you being the super-woman you are aspiring to be goes down the drain...because our clean page is now spotted with cheerios and smells like egg salad. 

And that's why I love love love this verse --Lamentations 3:23....His mercy is new every day. 

Because we all need a January 1...more than once a year. In fact...some of us need one everyday! And isn't it just like the Lord to know that His mercy would be just what we would need to get through each day...not just New Year's Day! See supermom gets this lavish mercy extended to her just like the prodigal son or daughter. And that man who cut you off in traffic needs new mercy just like your grandmother. No one is immune...we all need it! time...probably today or tomorrow, when you feel the pangs of exasperation flooding your soul..When plans haven't gone according to the planner...or when you're feeling depleted...embrace the mercy for that day...the new mercy...perfectly measured out in the perfect dose for you and me. 

Now if you'll excuse me...something smells like rotten eggs in the garbage disposal....somebody might need some mercy!!!

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