Monday, January 11, 2016

FB- You don't know me.

So Facebook posted this cute little greeting to my feed tonight:

And I immediately laughed out loud....

Because, I'm allergic.

I don't mean "I don't like football"...I mean "I don't watch it...ever". Like never. EVER. I haven't managed to stay awake or interested in a football game in my entire life....not a playoff, not a Super Bowl, not a Georgia game or a TN game or a TX game, not a pee wee or high school game. Not even the snacks could keep me interested.

I've attended many functions that football was the focus...parties and playoffs...but most of the time I was in the kitchen chopping up some veggies to go with some kind of awesome dip or I was holed up in the stairwell reading a book or hanging out with the toddlers in the toy room.

I don't understand the rules, the costumes uniforms, the urge to be body slammed on the ground, the pay....I just don't get it.

And that's ok because there's always gonna be the need for someone to be in the kitchen, check on the kids, put the toilet paper on the holder properly and refill the chip bowl. I can be that person.

I know...I know...some of you are about to can't fathom that I could be content to stay in my football free bubble. You think I am missing something important...But it's good here...people aren't chest bumping, over celebrating, getting concussions, sharing locker room stories or smells....I'm good, really.

So Facebook...thanks for the 411. You're too kind to invite me into the football madness. Thanks for including me with the masses. But, I'm not going to be checking the scores or watching replays or listening to commentary tonight...Maybe one day (probably never)....but for now...I'm allergic.


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