Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas House Tour....Better Late than Never!

This post is for my mom mostly. I understand if you don't want to read on...but if you do...I'm cautioning you that what you are about to see could be startling to you if you have an aversion to dust bunnies, imperfections and bad photography.

Christmas decorations came late to our house this year for many reasons...but once they came I was pretty pleased with how they looked. And this year Christmas was for our family. Usually we have lots of company in but I've been pretty sick and just didn't have the energy for it this it's kind of doubly nice that things turned out so nice since we were home more than usual.

My favorite room of the house...and favorite tree ever...Frazier  Fir

I made this wreath with things picked up at the Christmas Store in Gatlinburg

This tree is from Debbie's (Bruce's sister) wedding. 

Silver and Blue ornaments collected through the years

Just pretty

Family Tree with all homemade and children's ornaments
(complete with 1980's wallpaper in the background...put that on my to do list!)

I love how the light hit the crystals in this wreath

My dessert cart...which was given to me earlier in the year.
Cleaned up and ready for pie!

So, gradually things are getting back into place...and cleaned up. Real life is about to kick in!

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