Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Simply Tuesday

Currently this book sits on my nightstand. And it should yours too....not that I'm trying to tell you what to read, but if one of your goals this year is taking in the small moments and slowing down...then I am TELLING you...you need this book.

I realized in October, when basically I bottomed out, that life is not more productive, better, more applaudable (is that a word?), more noticed or more anything...in the fast lane....except maybe more stressful. In a nutshell, God basically laid me flat on my back for about 2 weeks and made it impossible for me to "do". And if you know me, then you know this didn't come without a struggle. And so, I had a lot of time to think...to really assess how I was running through life...From one activity to the next...doing lots of good things, but wearing myself thin. Don't get me wrong...I loved what I was doing...teaching, church, family, piano lessons, volleyball with Savannah and all the in-between things moms do. But I was tired. And no doubt I was...the lab results would soon prove I had reason to be.

And that's when I remembered this book that was released last year. I had wanted to read it...see I want to live that simple life of taking in the moments...the ordinary moments...the nothing fancy, nothing special...everyday moments. The conversations and the relationships that I had missed out because I was running from this to that....I didn't want to miss them...but I did. But no more.

God values hard work...and to be truthful...I am glad...because I am a hard worker. But I guess I kidded myself into thinking that God valued work over rest. And that's a lie. God wants our best...and when we are running on empty, we can't give Him our best. In His creation plan He worked in that we should take a day of rest, a day to stop the presses and to breath deeply of His goodness, to worship, to stand in awe of God himself. He gave us a plan to have the energy we would need...if we would follow the plan.

And I haven't been good at following this plan. But I want to do better. And that will only happen if I learn how to slow it down and take the built in time God allows to rest, rejuvenate, recharge, worship and enjoy the simple. So I am going to educate myself on ways to enjoy the slow, to drink in the mundane, to sit and be still, to worship in ways other than at church.

I hope you'll pick up this gem if you find yourself in the same place as me. God's way is always best. He always provides a way for us. We don't have to prove ourselves...sometimes it's ok to just be. It doesn't mean we are lazy...it means we've found a way to enjoy the small, the ordinary, the beautiful details that He meant for us to embrace...along with all the other things He has for us to do...the work and the necessary and the responsibilities He's given us. He's a God of order and purpose and a God who rested...not because He was tired, but because He was setting an example for us to take care of ourselves and to pause.

I'd love to hear how you rest best...if you've got a great idea...share it in the comments section.

Happy Reading!

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