Friday, January 8, 2016

Truth Wall

Our 2015 was rough...and when I say rough I mean that we started it out going to a counselor because after 40+ years there's no way you don't need to talk to someone. Seriously. I heartily recommend it! Go before you really need it...which might seem weird...but we avoided making some pretty big mistakes and we were consumed with encouragement by seeking wise counsel. I'm forever grateful for the good Biblical counsel that we received.

Anyhow...but just because you go to counseling.....doesn't mean your problems or heartaches go away...and so even though we were coping better, we were still struggling. But struggling is good...because it means you haven't given up...that you're still fighting...that you want something more...that you have it in your heart to dream again and to believe there is something better ahead..something to live for...

But those in between times can be brutal. And the enemy can feed your soul with lies. Lies, lies, lies.

- You're not good enough
- No one cares
- No one understands
- God can't hear me
- I am invisible
- I can't do anything right
- I'm worthless
- I'm defeated
- couldn't be asking this of me?

You could probably even add a few more of the enemies tricks and lies. He's so full of them.

So I saw these beautiful feature walls on pinterest (go ahead...go search if you're feeling curious) and I knew I wanted to start out 2016 focused on TRUTH. And I wanted my family to have a home that was grounded in the beauty and strength of God's Word. Because for us...and really everyone in the whole wide world...the only place real truth is found is in God's Word.

So I asked for a gift card to Hobby Lobby for Christmas (AKA the Christian Craft Capital) and combined it with a birthday gift card I received last year and I headed out to see what I could find.

$75 worth of gift card purchases later and I came home with this stash of truth goodies. Did I mention wall art was 50% off the day I went shopping...Did I mention I got to go shopping all by myself (that's a blog for another day...but momma' know what I'm talking about!)

So today I came home from school and in less than 20 was all on the wall. Verses and phrases and truths that I want to ingrain into my head. Truths that will be true 20 years and an eternity from now. I want to write them on my children's hearts and remind them of the solid ground they can stand on no matter what the world throws at them. I want to encourage my husband make home a place he recharges with truth after giving himself away day after day after day. 

And the finished project looks like this...

And I love love love it! I almost can't quit looking at it! I'm praying it will encourage my family to be joyful, and grateful and loving and peaceful and to remember that Jesus is the only thing they need to accomplish any of those things.

So...if you were making a truth wall, what would you want on it? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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