Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vomit and Doggy Gas- When the Day Doesn't End Right

School started back today.

So, on Monday I wanted to get the house in order, get all the Christmas decorations back to the attic, groceries bought, cars cleaned out, laundry done, meals planned....you get the picture. I had even prepared the family for the epic post holiday clean-up. They were enthusiastic  less than thrilled with the agenda...and even imagined to get themselves a spend the night away from home invitation from some really good friends. So, being a reasonable mom, I said "yes" to the invite and that dad would pick them up at 10am to get started on chores. 

We worked hard...but I tell you...even working hard we didn't get it all done. My kitchen table is covered in Christmas decorations and the washing machine still has a load of towels in it.

And then school started back today ...and I managed to get dinner in the crockpot before I left the house at 6:45am...and lunches were packed and my class was sweeter than ever today, and I even exercised after school....(can I get a fist pump??) and I drank 6 bottles of water and if you know me that's a huge accomplishment....and things were going along smoothly....until...

Tucker threw up. I'm telling you this kid throws up more than any kid I know. And he's requesting grape medicine and saltines. And now I am suffering through an episode of The Flash with Tucker and the dog curled up next to me. And while this might all be sweet and I am sure I will look back on this with loving and fond sentiments...I can't get the smell of vomit out of my nose...and I'm pretty sure the dog has gas...And in this moment, it's sort of hard to remember all the good that happened today.

And isn't that just like the enemy...helping us focus on the bad rather than the good. Helping us to be negative instead of positive. Helping us see half empty instead of half full. Helping us to wonder where God is in the midst of the less than appealing. Helping us to question...to think we know better...to get mad...to believe there was a better way. And so we have a choice...to fight off the enemy with the Word of God, or to let the enemy get the victory...to let Satan devour the good, the profitable, the true, the good report or to proclaim victory in the places that God has delivered us. 

God is on our side. We can't let a little vomit or doggy gas rob us of the victories He has won for us. God is on our side. No amount of laundry or crowded kitchen tables can rob us of the joy of the Lord. 
God is on our side. We won't let Monday's, tornados, cancer or lay offs keep us trusting Him.
God is on our side. We aren't going to let temper tantrums, toddler messes, houses that won't sell or teenage attitudes delay our responses of gratitude each day.
God is on our side. We will protect our marriages, we will train our children, we will stand up and speak up.
God is on our side. We will trust. We will pray. We will focus. We will live in truth.  

Satan will not win. He will not rob us. He will not kill us. He will not destroy us. He is defeated. He has been conquered. He has been undone, by the blood of Jesus Christ. We don't need to be afraid or skittish or wondering if He has this day or any other day covered. He does. End of story.

So if your today ended up looking a little different than you anticipated...remember...we know the one who goes before us, He knows us by name, He is not surprised, He is familiar with our story....He wrote it. Trust the author. He knows how this ends. 

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Melinda said...

Such an encouragement! Thank you, Gina. <3