Saturday, January 10, 2015

Whatcha Reading?

One of my goals for the new year was to read for enjoyment. I read....but usually it's in preparation for something....homeschooling, Bible study, teaching, small group, gardening. And although I am a little nerdy and do enjoy that....sometimes I remember how nice it is to get lost in a book for just a little bit...and I like that memory. So....I got a few books for Christmas....

Ok...I know...this might not sound enjoyable to just anyone...but for me...and Bruce this equals time together. We are looking forward to starting this book this week. Anyone read this already? 

Years ago I read everything I could get my hands on by Karen Kingsbury. Her early books and series were some of my favorites, so when I was thinking about reading for pleasure my mind immediately went back to Karen Kingsbury. Have you read anything by her? What's your favorite?

And my all time favorite fictional author is Francine Rivers....but again I haven't read anything since The Shofar Blew ...which was 2003... which basically means I quit reading for pleasure on a regular basis when I started having kids....which I think is pretty common....but I now need to gain some brain cells back...and I figure if I have time to read Facebook...well I have time to read.

Along with those three books, we are using Josh McDowell's family devotion book and Duck Dynasty's devotional with the kids each night at dinner. We're having some very lo-key discussions that are proving to be really great for our family.

So...what are you reading? Anything good out there that's a must read for 2015?

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