Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Favorite Things to Give- Christmas Edition 2014

Last week I wrote about a few of my favorite things that I received as gifts for Christmas. And as promised...here are a few gifts I gave that I absolutely loved!

This necklace stole my heart....mainly because my good friend Jaime is a missionary to Papua New Guinea and it reminded me of what she and her family are spending their lives doing.

I ordered these coasters for the #1 Georgia Tech fan in Alabama. My brother in law had to have these!

Vera Bradley has a line of slippers that I'd like to adopt as church appropriate footware. Bruce sister was the lucky recipient this year. Note to self--- put these on my list for next year.

Mixbooks....like shutterfly is a photobook creator. For the last two years, I've given my brother's wife a photo album of our entire family She doesn't take very many pictures but between what I get while I visit Georgia and what my mom snaps...and what I can steal borrow off Facebook from other family members I've been able to put together something that looks pretty good. It's pretty much fool proof. You can't mess it up. They usually have a big coupon too.

And laugh...but not least (see what I did there?)....I got Bruce compression camo....I'll spare you the pictures...but suffice it to say, he says they are wonderful. He has worn them hunting and says they beat the waffle type long johns. I picked his up at Walmart on a whim....so I'm not sure how long they will last but I'm sure you can find them at all price points.

What's your favorite gift to give at the holidays?

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