Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Home or Away

I am a stay at home wife/mom.

It sounds small doesn't it??? most of the time....I add, but my husband's a pastor and I teach piano lessons and I'm a small group leader and I homeschool my all that is going to get me more street cred with the working moms or other SAHM.

And that's just LAME.

Some women want to work outside the home. I have loved teaching and secretarial work that I did during the first 19 years of marriage. I have found satisfaction and have enjoyed the extra income and the adult interaction. I also know the struggle to balance the schedules and take care of my family and ladies that work outside the home are heroes of your own right. I know much of it is out of necessity and I applaud you for the personal sacrifices that you make for your family. I am also aware that some of you LOVE your work....and what could be better ...getting paid for what you love to do?

But a couple of years ago, God opened the door for me to stay at home. And I was ready to walk through it. Although I loved my job, I felt, for me, my place was at home. This doesn't make me better or worse of anything.....I just am telling you my story.

So, while I am a relatively new SAHM....with just two years under my are a few things I have learned....maybe they can help someone else out there that feels like they need to add an addendum to their SAHM title.

1. I am smart. Just because I stay at home all day, doesn't make me stupid. Now before you go thinking that someone has told me I am one has....except maybe me. I see women who have climbed to the top of their employment ladders and I'll be honest, sometimes I feel small and simple because I don't know the ins and outs of business or nursing or law or teaching. But no other woman has ever called me stupid....except that other woman in the mirror. And that woman is not telling the truth. She's underestimating my ability to balance our bank accounts and plant a garden and get a stain out of any article of clothing. She forgets that I read and watch the news and follow Fox News on Facebook.

2. I am creative. I may not be designing the next best website or the interior of some gorgeous hotel, but I was made in the image of a creative God and that makes me a creative being. In the past I have felt guilty for wanting to be creative...for spending money on being creative and even taking the time to do something beautiful. These are all thoughts that the enemy (devil) wants to encompass us with so that we will not glorify God with our creativity.

3. I am tired...sometimes. Not all the time...but there are days that after I've finished school and made lunch and picked up the house that my body is tired. And ...sometimes I lay my head back and take a 15 minute charge nap. And everybody thanks me. Believe me.  It's better this way.

4. I occasionally leave the house. LOL...There's myths on both sides of this coin. Some believe that SAHM are never really home..they are out lunching and shopping. And then there's the other side...the side of homebound, shriveled up, housecoat wearing SAHM. I joke but it's funny that some people believe it can only be these two ways. I find that when I need to get out I do...and when I don't I am more than content to stay home.

5. I am not necessarily a good cook just because I stay home. This is an area that June Cleaver didn't help us in....all dressed up when Ward came home every night, dinner and the paper waiting on his attention.....LOL. My poor man. I am an average cook. Am in constant search for better recipes and would never claim to know my way around the kitchen too well. Just because I am a SAHM does't mean the magic ladle fell down and ordained me a good cook. Although a girl can wish and better herself.

And my list could go on and on.

I wrote this because sometimes as women we can presume to know why someone stays home or why someone works out in the workforce...but the truth is....we need to stop. Stop worrying about how others are inclined, stop worrying that some women might not have a home cooked meal on the table for Taco Tuesday, stop wondering how they afford to do this or that. And we need to just encourage each other. Lend a hand if we can and rejoice when someone gets a promotion at work or when someone's cake doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Go get 'em ladies! Do your thing...whatever it is that God has called you to....home or away.

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