Monday, March 21, 2011

Turned Around

I love how men (in general) characterize getting lost....they're turned around....took a wrong turn...getting their bearings (not even sure what a bearing is...) but they are NEVER lost. 

Such was the case around 8:30pm, March 11, 2011, as the family made the trip thru Memphis, TN. Now there is just about nothing in TN that I don't like....good BBQ, great tourism, the Smokey Mtns, the weather, I was born there...and so much more. BUT if I had to say one thing I hate about TN it would be the Memphis traffic and lack of signs for the interstate that we always seem to need. Soooo...once again, we found ourselves lost and in the middle of the part of town where they film COPS (only kidding...sort of). Pretty scary. 

So after wandering the streets for about 15 minutes we stopped and thought we'd ask some locals how to get to our sought after road. The looks on their faces were we spoke a different they had never heard of anyone wanting directions OUT of Memphis before. 
Thank the Lord for the iphone that got us the heck out of Memphis.
Note to self....find an alternate route next time!

But like many things on this trip. God used our little Memphis excursion to remind me that when I follow the GPS of HIS WORD I will never find myself in a town I don't know or a place I need to be afraid of. He's driving this life and as long as I don't become the backseat driver, then I'm in the best hands ever. No worries about misunderstanding directions or not seeing road signs. He's got it covered. That's good news!!!

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