Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Changes

A few things that changed this week:

1. Spring clothes unpacked
2. Winter clothes packed
3. Shoe organizer bought
4. Plan for our own version of Trading Spaces....bedroom edition (stay tuned for the details)
5. Morning routines posted in bathroom for both kids (thinking about making Bruce one --hehe)
6. Threw away some old....really old....really worn out clothes
7. Bought new storage containers 
8. Took Valentines decor off tree.... I'll be doing THIS for Easter
9. Cleaned off the kitchen table and redid centerpiece for spring
10. Took 5 bags of trash out of my house.....WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM!!!

One reason I am posting this is to convince myself that I'm heading in the right direction! Boy is there a ton to get done....and I am determined to have it done by the time school is out for the summer....cause I don't want to spend my summer doing it!!!

Do you have an organizational tip you want to share....I'm all ears!

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