Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting out of the Way

The last few weeks have been rough. Emotionally I've been heartbroken about a couple of issues, physically I messed up my diet, Spiritually I was needing to hear from the Lord and mentally....well...I'm off most of the time what's the difference??? :)

A week ago Bruce took the kids away for several hours so that I could have some time to sit before the Lord. I was trying to prepare for a speaking engagement, a new Sunday School class and just needed some personal quiet time with the Savior. So I sat down, Bible in lap, diet coke on the nearby table, notepad on the arm of the chair and feet propped up. And that's about as far as it went for the first thirty minutes. I sat there...mind racing...trying to get quiet before God. Seriously. It took But mind slowed, my heart opened and within just moments God had completely given me exactly what I needed to be able to prepare for the speaking engagement. If was A-MA-ZING!...and all HIM.

So, today was the day I headed over to Gilmer, a little town just an hour away, to share about the goodness of the Lord with their ladies at their Spring Tea. Bruce was out of town so the grandparents came and watched the kids. I was sure to leave in plenty of time to get there, knowing I needed to stop at the gas station (sorry to the guy I flashed as I pumped my gas...darn dress and the wind made for a disastrous display) and Sonic for a diet coke (yes, there is a pattern here). I was pretty pumped...I felt prepared...peaceful...even had a decent hair day (and yes, if you had hair like mine you would count that as a victory). A friend texted and I had told her that if the Lord would just take care of the giant zit that had appeared on the side of my face yesterday (TMI?) then all would be well with the world. It was a good day. However...with each mile that ticked away on the odometer, I felt my nerves creeping up. Darn them!!! I so wanted the day to go well....God had given me something really special to share with these ladies and I didn't want to get in the way of the delivery. an attempt to get my mind on the Lord, I started searching for a Christian radio station to listen to.   The first attempt was complete failure. I didn't know east Texans had such a love for Hispanic and Rap stations...but if you're in the market for that...there are 8-10 of them between Sulphur Springs and Gilmer. Start packing now. I gave up, turned the radio off and decided to enjoy the ride. It wasn't five minutes later that I passed a house with large 6 ft letters in the yard that spelled out:


Hmm....was He trying to tell me something? 

I continued driving and eventually tried the radio again. Scan....scan...scan...nothing ....until....Yes, 89.5...KVNE. Finally something worth listening to! And wouldn't you know the song playing on the radio....Heart of Worship....It's all about you....It's all about you Jesus. 

Be still my soul. For real. Coincidence? I think not. I continued driving but the presence of God in that car was so great as I talk out loud about giving this day over to Him. He was there...taking away my nerves, my insecurities and my desires for the day. Out loud I said "Ok...Lord I get the message....this day is about You!" Wow...that takes the pressure off me! 

And in another post I will tell you all about the wonderful ladies of Grace Baptist in Gilmer, Texas and their wonderful pastor's wife, Marie. But for in the fact that when we don't know how to juggle the nerves, the responsibility, the commitments ....we don't have to....He can take all of it and create so much more beauty than we ever imagined. It's all about Him anyway....right?

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Jamie said...

This is so comforting and reassurung Gina. The last few weeks have been rough for me to and I have been having an inne babttle with myself on how much "I" have messed up. I know that God has it under control if only "I" would let it go and let it be about HIM. He has revealed this to me over the last week while doing devotionals with the girls at night. It is awesome how the Lord will speak to us when we least expect it and actually stop and listen. Again, thanks for being an encouragement and support for me.