Sunday, March 20, 2011


God knows exactly what we need. His timing is perfect. 
This is a lesson that I was reminded of during our trip to Georgia. When my brand new step-sister Stacy said that she had a couple of extra tickets to see American Idol's Mandisa and Women of Faith funny lady Anita Renfroe I couldn't say YES fast enough! I was mostly looking forward to laughing so hard I would need to wear a diaper (if you know what I mean) but quickly remembered Mandisa's incredible weightloss and was secretly hoping I would hear something inspiring from her.

So here I am with Mom and sister in law Jan ....yes we are giddy....there is no denying it!
We enjoyed the concert so much. Anita was hysterically funny....she did the Momsense Song, All the Wrinkled Ladies, The Spoof on Love Story and so many other things that truly only women "get". If you've been living under a rock the last 10 years or so and haven't a clue who she is....two words...You Tube. Check her out!

Mandisa did not disappoint. With her new album due to release in a few days she of course was promoting it. Only thing is....those songs were written out of a time of desperation for her. During her darkest moments she got real with herself and started realizing why she had treated her body with such abuse over the years. She talked about Idol and the impact of the negative words that were said about her while she was on the show and ultimately she talked about forgiveness and healing. Giving 100% credit to the work God is doing in her life, she attributed 5 things to her success. 

1. Scripture memorization
2. Prayer
3. Christian Counseling
4. Eating Right
5. Zumba

One this that she kept reiterating was that God was stronger than the strongholds of food addictions that we binding her and literally weighing her down. I LOVE THIS. It's something that He is teaching me, and in a moment when I needed to hear it again....God spoke loudly. I'm thankful for each step of this journey and the lessons that I am learning ever so slowly. I've known many of them for my head...but we've seen where that has gotten me. It's the heart makeover that makes the eternal difference.

Check out this video:

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