Monday, December 20, 2010

Where Love Grows

Aren't there moments in parenting that you don't know how it happens but you feel your love grow for your kids? I think I love them as much as I possibly can...and then they go and do something that is so sweet, adorable, loving, kind...and I feel my heart expanding with room for just a little more love.

I guess it's a little like finding out your expecting baby #2 and wondering..."Can I love another child as much as I love Baby #1"....and 9 months later you realize....YES!!! There's room.

With the break in school and a few days of chillin behind and ahead of us, I am thankful for the opportunities to watch my kids in action....playing, cooking with me, running errands, cuddling on the couch and whatever else. When we talk and look at each other eye to eye, I swell up and yes, sometimes even tear up thinking of the wonderful gifts God has given us in these two.

Thanks God!

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