Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello Christmas Break,

I have been looking forward to your arrival for several weeks now. Seems I began getting impatient for you to get here about 10 days ago....probably about the same time as my kids began whining every morning before school . My usually happy children began the "I don't wanna go to school" chorus every morning at 7:00am and that's when I started wishing time would fly....or perhaps it was when the stomach virus hit our home. UGH.

Then a few days ago when I started getting irritated with little things I decided it must be because I was ready for you to arrive. And then when my house became the resting place for a hurricane I lost all control and cried for you. See, I really love you!

I'm looking forward to all you are bringing me. A clean house, smells of sweets baking, sounds of children laughing and playing and music to commemorate the season, tastes of fudge and chocolate dipped pretzels. Caroling, wrapping presents and celebrating Christ's birth and a trip to CO with 50 or so friends. You're being generous this year. Thank you!

I'll be a mess when you have to leave. January 4 will come way too soon. But thankfully this break will help erase exhaustion and replace it with renewed energy.

So...welcome. Please do not feel any need to hurry. Rest on my home.


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