Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sick...sort of

Sometimes it's a smell in the air that reminds you of a special someone or someplace. Sometimes it's a song. Sometimes it's the way someone looks or laughs or their mannerisms that makes you homesick for that special someone who is far away or passed away or gone away.

For over twenty years I have technically made my residence in a different state than my how come some of the simplest things...especially at the holidays bring back the flood of memories that make "home" so sweet and living far away so bittersweet. I was wrapping gifts today and it hit me quicker than a pitch from the winning World Series pitcher (what was his name anyway???) Wrapping and packing the gifts in the shipping box just reminded me that the 800 miles that separate me from family. And those miles today seem like a million.

And I can't even think about how selfish I am to even be thinking these thoughts....when I think of all my missionaries friends and the thousands of miles that come between them and their loved But still.

So today....a little homesick....and tomorrow...I'll be better. Until then...

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