Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sick X 2 much for the kids participating in their church Christmas programs. Saturday night Tucker started running a crazy high fever and last night...Savannah. Poor things...their rosey red cheeks nearly glowed in the dark like Rudolph's nose. bad as it is when they are sick, I wouldn't trade the extra snuggle time on the couch, the quiet hush that comes over the house while they sleep or the sweet way they murmur "Mommy" when they need something.

I wonder if that isn't a little how the Lord feels about His children. We've got the slime and sickness of sin all over us...making us ill and unable to care for ourselves. Yet, when we murmur the sweet name of Jesus...He's there- quicker than I could ever get to my own kids. Ready to wipe the tears, soothe the pain, clean us up and make us new and clean and whole. I am so thankful!!!

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