Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stuff I Threw Away Today

So after work today I dove head first into Tucker's closet and dresser (AKA The Great Unknown)....here's some of what I three away:

1. 7 unmatched socks....some from his infancy...how have they made it through 4 moves? I do not know.
2. 1 diaper...unused...thankfully.
3. 19 Kid's meal toys...you know the ones that come with chicken, fries and apple juice?
4. Puzzles with lost pieces.
5. Broken crayons

Then I moved on to Savannah's closet....which happens to be barbie/American girl doll heaven. Here's what ended up in file 13:

1. Countless # of barbie shoes- seriously... Barbie needs to learn to organize her shoes so she doesn't keep losing them.
2. Bend-a-roos....I hate those things
3. Dried up Play-dough
4. 2 flip flops....that didn't match each other.
5. Dried up markers

.....and I am not finished yet.

The goal is to move Savannah's school desk into her monstrously large closet (she has 2 closets in her room). I'd like to set it up like a mini-office with all school related stuff in there so that she can have her own private space for school, reading and crafting. She's excited and so am I.

Here's what's in the garage sale stash:

1. Clothing Boys- 3T
2. Clothing Girls- 6 and 6X
3. Girls Shoes- Size 10-11
4. Lacing Cards
5. An expired webkinz (does that mean he's dead?)
6. Aggie Monopoly
7. A few beginner reading books

The stash will be growing as I get ready for my garage sale on May 14. Each room is getting a thorough going through and so is all the stuff in my storage shed. I'm sure there will be a plethora of treasures to discover!

If you're in the area come by and see me.


Kathy said...

About that Garage Sale: I was hoping you'd come to ours, Gina. And, bring the children! : ) Glad you're getting extra-organized: it's a great feeling (and I get to experience it every now and then....)

With putting our house on the market in the next couple of weeks I have a similar strategy: must happen!

Gina Stinson said...

Oh!!!....we are on our way!!!

Praying as you make big life decisions. Looking forward to hearing about how God makes it all happen!