Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pizza and Pampers

The past two days Bruce, the kids and I made a fast track to west Texas, to the humble town of Snyder. We went for a fellowship meeting for the Texas BBF. It was a really quick trip and a little exhausting, but fun to do something spur of the moment...(cause we don't already live a life of adventure LOL).

Monday night after the service we met up with a college friend and headed to eat. We ended up at my favorite place in the whole world- Pizza Hut (OK so maybe I haven't really traveled the world too much to see what I am missing...but I do like me some pan crust Pizza Hut). So we sat, ate and fellowshiped. At the end of the meal we boxed our food up and headed to the car.

(WARNING- story ending here for anyone who cannot handle bodily function conversation)

On the way to the car Tucker informed me that he had pooped in his pants. Darn it! I thought we had the potty training mastered!!! So, unequipped, we headed to the only store in town open and bought some wipes and diapers...(Tuck had had diarrhea during the day so I was worried we might be dealing with a bigger problem).

So we entered the lobby of our hotel and stopped by the desk to see if the kids and I could get a late check-out. There was another pastor in front of us (I recognized him from the meeting earlier). He was asking about air freshener (I might should have asked about that in re: diarrhea). He turned to us and I guess in effort to make small talk said "Is that delivery for me?" motioning to the bag from the grocery store that Bruce held in his hands. He then glanced at me (I was holding the box of leftover pizza with drinks balanced on top) and said..."are you sure that bag isn't for me?" By this time I realized he was thinking that there was something to go with the pizza in the bag that Bruce held. But the thought of a 60 year old pastor asking if the delivery of diapers and wipes was for him, almost had me in an uncontrollable fit of giggles. He wouldn't stop...and even as he was walking away he was asking my kids "Are you sure that bag isn't for me?"

This story is pretty funny to me. But the more I got to think about the more I thought about how this is the way a lot of Christians live. They have the salvation (the pizza) to live a life for Christ. But what they have in their bag (life) doesn't really match what they have been given. We wallow around in disappointments, heartache, anger, unrest, when in reality, we've been given joy, peace, love and a host of other perfect gifts from above. Rather than it being comical as in our interaction with that pastor and the diapers, it is just sad. Sad that people who know Jesus in their heart, don't act like they know Him.

I am reminded that pizza and pampers don't mix.


Kathy said...

Good post, Gina. Don't ya wish you could actually tell that Pastor what was in the bag?

You're right! Pizza and Pampers...they don't mix at all!

Anonymous said...

Poop, pizza, pampers and pastors...Oh, I'll just quit now....the jokes could be endless.......yes, I am a guy-in atlanta.