Friday, August 21, 2009

My Fav No/Low Cost Homeschooling Sites

This is my third year homeschooling and I feel like I am just now getting into the groove of finding good, age appropriate online no/low cost supplemental materials. Just in case there's someone else out there that has struggled like me, here's my list. If you have a site that you love that is no/low cost, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about it!
The Homeschool Mom

And this is from my hubby's cousin and homeschooling mom, Susan: has lots of helpful info. more for you than your kids, but I
love it!- is an Evan Moor website for $12.99 per month and has tons of printables, and I love Evan Moor stuff, so with it you can pick and
choose and have a huge selection without having to buy every single workbook you
want. It's worth the price ... Read More if you like that kind of stuff! It's probably my
favorite.- is $20.00 for the year, and they have a lot of
cool printables. Some are free, but the selection is much better if you join.- lots of educational games for free.

And this is from my friend and homeschool mom, Felicia:


F. Deaton said...

WOW. I have a ton of links to free math worksheets, etc. I'll see if I can get them to you!

Red Writing said...

I don't know anything about hoimeschool curriculum...someone sent me this link a couple years ago and I have been using the Bible Primer (scroll down on the main page and you will see) with my 3 year old. It is really good. Honestly that is the only thing I have even looked at in this whole curriculum which seems mainly to be for older grades. But the Bible Primer and Grammar Primer are neat, I think.