Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ever had blurred vision? It happened to me the other day....no not literally, but figuratively for sure. On Monday we planned to go to Gunter to begin packing the house up. We've been delaying this purposefully with hopes that it would show better decorated and in turn sell quicker...but much to our disappointment this hasn't happened! So, I headed to Gunter about 15 minutes ahead of Bruce who was in the church van hauling a trailer (He was bringing friend/missionary with him to get them a few extra things we had at the house for their stay in a rental for the next year). I got to Gunter. The yard looked spectacular (thanks to our yardman and friend, LD, who has been keeping things in tip top shape while we've relocate). When I entered the house I went straight to the thermostat ...because this is TEXAS and you have to have airconditioning!!!! There I noticed our normal digital touchpad completely blank. Nothing showing. Clear. What had happened? After a run out to the unit outside where I noticed pieces of charred wood lying around, I deducted that it must have been struck by lightning. I called Bruce and he called the repairman.

Now I know you are probably thinking...blurred vision???...what are you talking about??? But in those moments as I waited for Bruce to get to the house, I found myself blurried by circumstances. This is what the enemy threw at me:

1. You are living in an RV

2. Your RV was struck by lightning

3. Your home isn't selling...and in fact it's costing you $$$ to fix the airconditioner

4. You're gaining weight (I know...odd...but he low balled me and threw that in there too!)

5. You're not ready to start school yet

6. You're kids are being affected by this life-transition

...and the list went on.

See what I mean? For a few moments I sat there in my comfy recliner and let my vision get blurred by my very temporary circumstances. What. In. The. World?

And almost as quickly, I heard God whisper in my ear one word: TEMPORAL. It cleared my vision almost instantly. I got my head screwed on straight and began thinking of all the eternal things HE is doing in my life:

1. Teaching me and my family to walk by faith

2. Allowing us to develop the bus outreach program at the church (a program really close to my heart!)

3. Seeing my children so excited about memorizing God's Word in AWANA

4. New eternal relationships being formed within our class at church

5. Ladies Bible Study

6. The opportunity to have talked with someone about turning their life over to the Lord.

7. His amazing provisions for us during this time

...and more.

Oh how quickly the devil can get in and throw sand in our eyes. I don't know about you but I want clear 20/20 vision when walking in this world. I don't want to be blindsighted by the traps, snares, broken airconditioners or lightning attracting RV's. I want to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.

God help me stay focused on the one who sees, knows and is in control of it all!


Terri said...

Oh Gina!!! You are most definitely in my prayers as I know this has been a trying time for your precious family!! I think Satan - no matter our circumstances - is always trying to make us stumble with blurred vision. Thank you for the "Focus" reminder!!!

Kathy said...

Great post, Gina. Eternity awaits for the enemy of your soul. I say take a nice life-long look at your "debt paid" receipt, and enjoy. Who does the enemy think he is? (And I think that's a pretty good question.)

Tinsley Troop said...

I love this! Thank you, I know exactly what you are talking about! We have had so many circumstances lately that have "blurred our vision" and made us really question what we are doing. But you are right, the Lord is right there whispering, "You can't see Me right now, BUT - I AM HERE!!

Thank you for the encouragement and for letting us see that you too struggle in these areas at times. What a blessing you and Bruce have become to us!