Tuesday, September 20, 2011


You know the feeling. The one where you are keenly aware that you've failed. You've disappointed God. Yourself. Friends. You've believed the lies that your enemies told and you fell flat on your face. It happened to me today. The pain of the burn still hurts.

In my mind the fail was epic. Forgotten words. Miscommunication. Nerves. Confusion. Unfocused. The pain still fresh and the sting of disappointment still lingering, I crawled into the Father's lap. Daddy's know how to make things better. Daddy's know how to restore a girl's faith. Daddy's know just the right words His girls need to hear.

And as He whispered His promises sweetly to my ear, I was reminded that I am nothing. I was reminded that He is everything. And that the weight of this world may knock me down and down and down again, but His hand will reach out and pull me up and His gentle voice will calm the storm of failure. He dusts off the knees of His girl. He wipes the tears of sadness and sorrow. He reminds us of His amazing love. And He sends us back on our way to bring glory to Him.

It's done. It's over. It's forgiven.

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